Craving food late at night?

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Resist your food craving now!

1. When the Chocolate is calling
When you are craving a chocolate bar so badly, instead drink a nice warm cup of coffee, tea or just plain water! Sometimes all you want is something tasty and a nice cup of tea (sugar-free!) will do just fine to satisfy that craving.

2. Distract yourself!
Change your eating habits: Don’t grab something to eat before exercising. Train first, and then enjoy a healthy meal afterwards. If you’re feeling the munchies while on the go, don’t go to lunch at a fast food restaurant. It’s very hard to find food that supports your weight change goals at a fast food place. You will be more successful long-term if you prepare your own snacks at home and take them with instead.
And when you want food really badly and didn’t prepare anything, chew a bubblegum – that should hold you over until you find something healthy to eat.

3. Never shop on an empty stomach
Never go shopping on an empty stomach! Instead, make a list what you need to buy and stick to it. This is the best way to avoid buying unnecessary sugary treats.

4. Track your junk!
Try to write down all the junk food you are eating during the day. This way it’s easier for you to see the amount of calories you are taking in. Next time you want to have something sweet, think “this is just empty calories that will make me fat”!

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Junk Food Craving

5. Eat Eat Eat!
Make a daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snack plan. Do eat healthy! Keep your portions small but eat foods that fill you up with volume instead, like most veggies. Enjoy low calorie snacks on a regular basis during the day. This will level out your blood sugar and keep your cravings at bay!

6. Control the damage before it occurs
If you really need some sweets every now and then, buy some that you don’t really like all that much. You know the kind of treats you love and the kinds you eat only when you’re in a pinch and nothing better is available. From now on, only buy the latter! It will still satisfy you when you are having a breakdown and absolutely need something at home for emergencies, but it will curb the actual amount you will eat of it. And you won’t munch on it just out of boredom. Instead, it will be a last resort for when you really need it – as it should be if you want to make a lasting change!

7. Are you an emotional eater?
If you are an emotional eater, try to stay away from situations that are going to drive you to the fridge or the cookie jar. Always keep a water bottle nearby (as sometimes our bodies confuse thirst with hunger) and a bowl of fruit – if you really need something sweet in an emergency, a banana or apple still trumps a chocolate bar and will do the trick!

8. Indulge without guilt!
Allow yourself to indulge in your favourite food and sugary treats once a week. Why? Because if you always deprive yourself, you will deplete your willpower, and your willpower is often your last line of defense against binging on unhealthy and fattening temptations. Enjoy a small bit, and savour every moment.

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