VBAC – the benefits and risks

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Vaginal Birth or another C section?

Some women may feel cheated out of giving birth naturally when they had an unplanned c section. It is okay to feel so, it’s a perfectly normal reaction. For your next child, you may be thinking of having a vaginal birth after your c section surgery (VBAC). Read on to know more!

Emergency C Section and now you are considering VBAC

Emergency c section happens when you or your baby are in danger. To save you and baby’s life the doctors must react quickly and an emergency c section is the best option.

Benefits of a natural or vaginal birth vs C Section

  • No surgery required

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    C Section

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker return to normal daily activities
  • You can start exercising sooner

VBAC complications and risks
Uterine rupture is the most concerning risk for any doctor. Thankfully, uterine rupture is rare at an occurrence rate of less than 1 out of 100 women.
When your uterus ruptures, doctors will perform an emergency c section to prevent life threatening complications for you or your baby.
Make sure that the hospital you chose for delivery is ready when any complication arises.

Are you a good candidate to give vaginal birth after c section (VBAC)?
You may be if:

  • you had a low transverse incision
  • you never had a myomectomy surgery to remove fibroids
  • you did not have an extensive uterine surgery
  • your pelvis is large enough for a safe delivery
  • you have no medical condition that can put you or baby in danger
  • you have no placenta previa or a large fibroid

You might not be a good candidate for VBAC if…

  • your pregnancies are too close to each other (less than 18 months).
  • if you are an older mom
  • if you are overweight
  • if your pregnancy lasts more than 40 weeks
  • if your bundle of joy has a high birth weight
  • if you had more than 1 c section previously
  • if you had a previous uterine rupture

Have a talk with your healthcare practitioner and doctor about your individual chance of a successful natural delivery. Speak about the pros and cons of a VBAC and carefully weigh the benefits and the risks.

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