Physiotherapy Weightloss management

How to lose weight with physiotherapy.

Struggling to lose weight, because you are injured?  Physical activity is important for maintaining long-term weight loss. That is why it is so important to find a highly qualified Physiotherapist, that can help you find the best weight loss exercises that are best for you and your body.  Not only will the fitness exercise keep you physically active but it help you with your weight management. Call and book the next physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy and Weight management.

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Weight management doesn’t means eat less foods and starve yourself up until the next meal. Just no such thing. I always say watch what you eat, meaning stay away from processed foods, fast foods and takeaways. When you eat these type of junk foods everyday, it is going to leave extra pounds on your waistline. To keep your waistline slim eat a healthy well balanced meals everyday and don’t forget about working out. Tip: Stock your kitchen with organic fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats, fish and chuck out unnecessary luxuries in your cupboards like: potatoes chips, sweets and all chocolates that are less than 80% cocoa.

Pay attention what goes on your shopping list and buy wisely. Don’t pay to stay fat, pay for a healthy life that has more benefits in the long run. So buy the correct foods that is going to make you lose weight and feel happy about yourself and about life.

More about Physiotherapy and Weight loss management assessment routines.

  • Assessment of the individual’s medical history
  • Evaluation of current physical activity level
  • Provision of an individualised physical activity program
  • Gradual progression of a physical activity program
  • Prescription of a cardiovascular training program
  • Prescription of resistance exercises
  • Prescription of moderate-intensity physical activity,
  • Training 30 minutes per day
  • Taining  3 to 5 days per week
  • Calculation of body mass index.

Achieve your weight loss goal with physiotherapy. You can do it with a organised approach that needs to be combined with healthy eating and exercise.

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