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7 Weight Loss secrets. Get motivated with these simple tips!

Determine your weight the correct way and improve your weight loss
Do not just weigh yourself once a week or every 2 weeks. Ideally, you will weigh yourself daily, at around the same time. For example right in the morning after you have been to the toilet but before breakfast.

Keep a food journal for a couple of days
Write down what you eat for about a few days, just to get a feeling how much calories you actually taking in. You may be consuming too much calories, this could be the reasons why losing weight fast isn’t that easy.

Consider special circumstances
Sometimes your weight will shoot up from one day to the next without any ostensible reason. Do not fear, your body won’t have stored a full pound of fat overnight. It’s probably one of these instead:
Water retention – eating too much carbs and sugar during the day will store more water in your body, and as a result your weight on the scale will go up, but usually you will lose this water again.
If you constantly have swollen feet, legs and ankles you might have a water retention problem – talk to your doctor about it.
During menstruation your body stores more water than usual.
Certain medications and the use of birth control pills causes your body to store fluid in the lymphatic system – again, water retention.

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weight loss

Estimate how much you burn
It’s very easy to overestimate the amount of calories you burn. Download and use a fitness app that has a calorie counter on it, it will help give you an idea how impactful certain exercise programs really are in terms of calories burnt.

Working out? It may be muscle gain
If you are working out more than you used to but you just can’t lose the weight, or are even gaining, it may be just your muscles getting denser. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat, and the scale won’t know the difference! Fear not, you won’t turn into the Hulk overnight. Your female hormones simply won’t allow it. The more toned and dense your muscles are, the more calories they will burn for you even if at rest. Building muscle and getting stronger is the best long-term insurance for staying lean!

Measure your body
Here are the areas you should measure before starting your diet. At the end of each week your can measure these areas and this will show you exactly if you lost weight or not.

1. Chest
2. Waist
3. Hips
4. Bicep
5. Thigh

Weight loss! Want to lose weight faster? There is no such thing. If you want to lose weight the proper way, it takes time and sweat!
Remember, losing fat and gaining muscle is the best strategy to maintain your weight in the long run!

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