How to avoid c section delivery if you’re a plus size

Being overweight could increase your risk of not giving vaginal birth.It is best to prepare yourself to be open minded about giving a natural or a cesarean birth.

How to avoid a plus size c section delivery

Job and stress levels.
Plus size c section delivery, know how tips on how to reduce your chances of giving birth via cesarean section
For the first 7 months while at work you have to reduce your stress. If you have a very stressful job, try to change job position to a less stressful environment within your company. If that is not possible, avoid negative people. Tip: A stress free pregnancy could increase your chances of a natural birth, especially if you are a plus size woman.

Plus size pregnancy and weight gain

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Plus size c section

Eating healthy, well balanced meals is perfect for you and baby. Now that you are pregnant and “eating for two”, it is very important to watch what you eat and pay attention to your calorie intake. Watching the amount of calories you consume does not mean starving yourself – just the opposite! Speak with a plus size health care provider to work out a diet plan that works best for you and your baby. It is in your best interest to avoid complications like gestational diabetes. This happens when you gain weight too quickly. Tips: Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks. Try to invest in organic fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Staying hydrated throughout the day could increase your chances of a natural birth if you are overweight.

Plus size pregnancy and exercise

Being physically active during your pregnancy is very good for you and baby. But don’t overdo it. Favor light exertion over all-out workouts.

Walking: taking a 10 to 15 minute walk does wonders for your well-being, and helps with getting enough vitamin D.

Yoga: Prenatal yoga, is a perfect way to maintain agility and joint health. Yoga also regulates blood flow, relaxes your muscles and increases happy moods during a pregnancy. It gets you one step closer to avoid overweight c section delivery.

Swimming: If you enjoy swimming, there’s no need to stop because you are pregnant. Swimming during pregnancy is just as relaxing as yoga. It is safe to swim up until your last trimester. Just avoid diving and swimming waters that are too warm.

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